Archaeological Projects on Cyprus

The Archaeological Heritage of Cyprus is a unique and non-renewable resource. The purpose of modern archaeological research is to balance our search for the cultures and secrets of ancient Cypriot populations with that of preserving the archaeological heritage for tomorrow and beyond. Below is a list of some of the current and recent archaeological reserach projects that have taken place on Cyprus.

  • Phlamoudi-Melissa Project -
    Excavations conducted by Columbia University focus on two localities in the town, Vounari and Melissa. The sites are of the late Middle through Late Bronze Ages
  • Sydney Cyprus Survey Project -
    An interdisciplinary regional survey project in the Northern Troodos foothills, Central Cyprus, by the Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow.
  • Yeronisos Island Expedition -
    Archaeological expedition on the island of Yeronisos, off the coast of Cyprus, undertaken by Professor Joan Breton Connelly and the Yeronisos Island Expedition for New York University.
  • Troodos Archaeological Survey Project -
    An international interdisciplinary project which investigates the settlement and metallurgical activities on the Troodos Mountains of central Cyprus.
  • Excavations at Kissonerga -
    Edgar Peltenburg's report on excavations by the University of Edinburgh 1979- 1992, part of the Lemba Archaeological Project.
  • Excavations at the Ancient Theater of Paphos -
    Preliminary results from a team from the University of Sydney has now been excavating since 1995 at the site of an ancient theater in the town of Paphos on the western coast of Cyprus.
  • Excavations at Palaipaphos -
    Project reconstructing the history of the city of Palaipaphos in Cyprus and of its famous Sanctuary of Aphrodite. Excavations first conducted in 1966 by the German Archaeological Institute.
  • Marki Aloni Project -
    Excavations by LaTrobe University of a prehistoric Bronze Age town in Cyprus.
  • Vasilikos Valley Project -
    ASOR field survey and various geographical and environmental studies of the region. Excavations have been undertaken at four major sites: the Neolithic site of Kalavasos-Tenta, the Chalcolithic site of Kalavasos-Ayious, the Middle-Late Bronze Age cemetery site within Kalavasos village and the Late Bronze Age settlement and cemetery at Kalavasos-Ayios Dhimitrios.
  • Cyprus World Heritage Sites -
  • Idalion Archaeological Excavations (Lycoming College)
  • Shillourokambos, les premiers paysans de Chypre (French Foreign Ministry website)
  • Deneia-Kafkalla Project -
    Digital archive with images of pottery from recent research at the extensive Bronze Age cemeteries at Deneia in Cyprus . La Trobe University - for initial report on this project see D. Frankel and J. M. Webb. Deneia-Kafkalla 2004 Field Project. Report of the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus 2006, pp 107-126.
  • Belcher Collection of Cypriot Antiquities Online collection of artefacts held by the Institute of Cypriot Studies at SUNY, Albany USA. There are some great online photographs of Cypriot artefacts.
  • Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project Survey and excavation projects around the modern village of Pyla. Photographs, reports, images and blogs.
  • Kourion’s Amathous Gate Cemetery, Cyprus. The Excavations of Danielle A. Parks Excavation and survey at the Amathous Gate Cemetery at Kourion was led by the late Danielle Parks. This website by Dr Michael Given of the University of Glasgow is devoted to the site and the current publication phase of the excavations. Site includes photos, overview of phases, details of the team and publications.
  • Prastio-Mesorotsos Archaeological Expedition A multi-period settlement in western Cyprus.